How is this technology different from anything else on the market?

BioAblate™ DX1
DAV VII Turbo+
Vanguard Gold
Extra Oral Suction
Sentry Air Systems
Medical Air Purifier
Simple and Smart
External Suction System
Quatro Air
MedEvac S
Dental Hg FlexVacâ„¢
Adjustable speed
HEPA filter
Moisture filter
Carbon filter
UV-C light
Vacuum UV light
Hygienic intake handles
Designed for both total room and extraoral function
Lockable casters
Inactivate viruses
Total room purification < 10 min
Single-pass air purification
Stable footprint
Max CFM 250 CFM 250 CFM 100 CFM 106 CFM 350 CFM 106 CFM 222 CFM 350 CFM
dB at 6 Feet 60 dB 70 dB 53 dB 58 dB 66 dB 58 dB 64 dB 69 dB
Designed by a Dentist
Made in the USA