Proven Science

Unlike other filters that rely on multiple passes to kill bacteria or denature viruses, the novel BioAblate technology produces clean, safe air in the vacuum-UV reaction chamber in a fraction of a second. In practice this means that a 1000 cubic foot room (10' x 10' x 10') could achieve clean air in less than 5 minutes on a high setting of up to 200 cubic feet per minute. This is approximately 10 times faster than previous technology can achieve and will significantly decrease the transmission ability of airborne pathogens in the healthcare environment.

Safety At the Source

At the heart of our design is the idea of capturing as much bio-aerosol as quickly as possible. That means going after it at the source. Using our patent-pending air funnel design aerosols are directed into the front of the unit and away from dental staff and patients. Likewise, our bi-directional airflow controller allows you to switch easily between total room or operative-focused air purification.

Revolutionary Design

The BioAblate - DX1 Dental Filtration System by AtmenBio offers a single-pass air purification system that eliminates and eradicates airborne pathogens including bacteria and viruses. Our patent-pending system achieves this through hospital-grade HEPA air filtration of bacteria, and a vacuum-UV reaction chamber which denatures viruses in a single pass. This is performed using high energy photons and ozone. The ozone is then subsequently catalyzed to generate clean oxygen using dual pass UV-C technology and activated carbon. Finally, the carbon filter eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold spores, and noxious odors.

Technical Specifications

  • Moisture barrier to protect the internal purification mechanisms
  • Pre-filter to remove the largest particles and increase the life of the HEPA filter
  • HEPA filter that is 99.99% efficient to 0.3 microns
  • High-energy Vacuum-UV (Far UV) purification
  • Dual-pass UV-C purification
  • High volume pleated active carbon filter for removal of VOCs, mold spores, residual ozone, and odors
  • Powerful motor for continuous pressure and airflow at up to 200 CFM on high setting

Material and Design

  • Sure-grip funnel that extends and can be quickly repositioned where you need it most
  • Extend-and-Set 3 inch diameter duct with six feet of total length
  • Anti-microbial powder-coated aluminum frame for enhanced longevity, durability, and hygienic maintenance
  • Easily accessible airflow control lever for hose or vent function that eliminates the need of a separate air filtration unit
  • Lockable casters for stability and control
  • Easy maintenance internals for long-term use and function
  • One year hardware warranty on all parts (excludes pre-filter)